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N°21 Junior

In 2016 N°21 presented the debut Kids collection, for children ages four to twelve. “This is a significant achievement for our brand in expanding the range of licenses,” says Alessandro Dell’Acqua, founder and creative director of the N° 21 label. “N°21 Kids will be a collection that gives a fresh twist to classic items, so adding personality and a dash of fun to the child’s wardrobe.”

Mauro Serafini, CEO of Grant S.p.A., adds: “We are honored to embark on this partnership with N°21: the brand’s keen sense of research, product exclusivity and international appeal correspond to the same values that have underpinned the Grant philosophy for more than forty years.”

N°21 Kids is the result of a multi-year licensing agreement with Grant S.p.A., manufacturer of children’s clothing for 40+ years, for the line’s production and distribution.  Reflecting the brand’s DNA – where unusual material mixes and masculine/feminine fusions famously find a perfect balance – the N°21 Kids line devotes particular attention to the all-important comfort and fit factors typical of childrenswear.

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